Tweeting Extends Conference’s Reach

Helping members connect with each other via social media is a member-focused way to increase your digital exposure. The American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (AAHPM) has hosted a member-written blog for several years. The blog’s content has traditionally focused on its annual conference, and each year since its launch AAHPM has trained volunteer bloggers to participate in the effort and write about the sessions they attended. In 2009 AAHPM expanded its blogging efforts to include microblogging on Twitter. At the 2012 Annual Assembly, an impressive 637 contributors tweeted to reach nearly 368,000 people, which equates to 5.5 million impressions (contacts) during the 5-day conference (#hpm hashtag). The numbers represent an impressive 250% increase from last year’s statistics. To encourage participation the Academy extended its one-on-one training (by phone or on site at conference) to any member who wanted to participate and bloggers could identify themselves by wearing “I blog 4 AAHPM” and “iTweet#hpm” stickers at conference. Several AAHPM members who identified themselves as Twitter pros tweeted throughout the plenary session and stayed after the session to talk to attendees who wanted to learn more about tweeting.

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