Are you looking for help in an area of association management in which AMC has expertise? Please check out the resources we have below that we’re hoping will be of great value to you. In addition, check out our Thought Leadership page to read some of the latest stories written by AMCers on a wide variety of topics.

The AMC Model

Why Select an AMC – Tips for selecting an AMC

Enhancing the AMC/Client Relationship – Article coauthored by AMC principal Mark Engle, DM FASAE CAE, regarding the Designing Your Future research report

Board Development/Association Governance

Behind Closed Doors – Article written by AMC principal Mark Engle, DM FASAE CAE, and account executive, Anne Cordes, CAE, regarding executive sessions in Associations

Executive Sessions in Associations: A Review of Current Literature – A paper written by AMC principal Mark Engle, DM FASAE CAE, and account executive, Anne Cordes, CAE

Balanced Conflict, Better Decisions – Article written by AMC principal Mark Engle, DM FASAE CAE, regarding his study of how to help association boards make the best strategic decisions.

The Strategic Decision-Making Process of the Board and Its Impact on Decision Outcomes – AMC principal Mark Engle, DM FASAE CAE authored this research paper after conducting a survey on how Boards can make better decisions

Beyond the Board Orientation – Article by Karen Nason, CAE on how the use of "mini-scenarios" to create board discussions around complex situations can be very helpful in educating the board on dealing with sensitive matters.

Sound Practices – AMC principal, Mark Engle, DM FASAE CAE, coauthored this article with attorney Jed Mandel

Board Decision Making – Article written by AMC principal, Mark Engle, DM FASAE CAE, regarding how boards of high-performing professional societies engage.

Big Data

The following links are each of a three-part series written for Association Forum of Chicagoland’s FORUM magazine titled Big Data: Its Value Adds Up for Associations.

Big Data Article 1 - November/December 2013

Big Data Article 2 – January/February 2014

Big Data Article 3 – April 2014

Social Media

The Why and How of Social Media: An Introduction for Associations – A booklet that provides an overview of social media use among associations. It provides specific information about why and how to get started with social media.

Best Practices in Social Media: A Resource Guide for Associations – This booklet includes best practice documents that guide you through specific social media applications and provide information on legal considerations, metrics, and team roles and responsibilities.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter—Oh My! – Article by AMC executive Steve Smith, CAE discussing how social media is useful to medical societies


Leadership As a Strategic Priority – Article written by AMC leaders Karen Nason, CAE and Mary Beth Benner about AMC client, the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses’ comprehensive strategic planning efforts


Five Keys to Adopting Innovation – Article written by AMC senior account executive Dave Bergeson, PhD CAE

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