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Choosing an AMC

Why Select an AMC
The top 10 reasons to select an association management company.

Passionate About Helping Associations Achieve What You Believe
Read more about AMC in our corporate brochure.

Outsourcing is as Simple as A-B-C
Association Management Center Director asks what does Dr. Seuss have to do with outsourcing? The answer is everything.


2013 Year-end Recap
Many AMC client partners saw significant successes during 2013. In our annual year in review, we showcase a sampling of those successes, while also highlighting our successful move to a new office location meant to help our partners continue to grow and succeed throughout the new year.

Executive Sessions in Nonprofits

Executive Sessions in Associations: A Review of Current Literature

Business Intelligence, Mobile Top Tech Priorities for AMCs
How are emerging technology trends shaping associations? Two association management company CIOs reflect on a recent Gartner IT survey that identifies the top 10 technology priorities of CIOs far and wide.


2012 Year‐end Recap
It was a busy year for AMC clients and staff. Collectively we accomplished great things! While we can’t share them all, here is just a sampling. Thanks to all—volunteers and staff—who helped see these initiatives through.

Balanced Conflict, Better Decisions
AMC Principal Mark Engle, DM FASAE CAE, authored an article on his study of how to help association boards make the best strategic decisions.


2011 Year-end Recap
We are so grateful to be a part of the positive impact you are making in the communities you serve and all of those who benefit from your work. These are just a few examples of the great things that can be accomplished by energetic, passionate, and visionary association partners whose efforts are mirrored every day by motivated volunteers and AMC staff who work to advance the important missions of your organizations and make you all leaders in your fields.

AMC Principal Authors Paper and Shares Research
If association boards of directors are to favorably impact decision outcomes for their organizations, they must make high-quality, consequential decisions. Mark Engle, AMC Principal, authored a research paper entitled "The Strategic Decision-Making Process of the Board and Its Impact on Decision Outcomes." Board members of nonprofit societies have limited time to devote to strategic issues confronting their associations. It is essential that they use their limited time productively and remain focused on strategic decision making. Through a quantitative study, the researchers examined how associations and their boards make high-quality strategic decisions.

amcintroThe Why and How of Social Media: An Introduction for Associations
This booklet provides an overview of social media use among associations. It provides specific information about why and how to get started with social media.

AMCResourceBest Practices in Social Media: A Resource Guide for Associations
Best practice documents guide you through specific social media applications and provide information on legal considerations, metrics, and team roles and responsibilities.


10 Triumphs of 2010
We are honored to be a part of our clients' successes and are grateful to be a part of the positive impact they make on the fields they serve and all of those who benefit from their work. These are just a few of our highlights for 2010.


CEO Update: Association Management Companies Report More Organizations' Interest
Association Management Center Principal comments on increased interest in association management companies.

Enhancing the AMC Relationship
AMC leaders are often challenged with figuring out how the latest research material has relevance to the clients that they lead. Consider delivering new research information as a method of engaging with the client organization.

AAMSE Trends Identification Report
Association Management Center Executive participates on AAMSE Trends Identification Taskforce.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter—Oh My!
Association Management Center Executive authors article on Web 2.0 applications and mobile devices that have been embraced by millions—forever transforming how, where, and when people share and receive information—
including physicians.

Leadership as a Strategic Priority
Association Management Center Executives author article on defining leadership and professional development within their client organization.

Sound Practices
Association Management Center Principal, Mark Engle, CAE, coauthored "Impress Potential Board Members with Sound Liability Practices."


Don't Be Green Like Kermit
Association Management Center Director challenges you to be more mature in your business approach, and to create opportunities to leap to new experiences.

Beyond the Board Orientation
Association Management Center Executive discusses how the use of "mini-scenarios" to create board discussions around complex situations can be very helpful in educating the board on dealing with sensitive matters.

Board Decision Making
Association Management Center Principal, Mark Engle, CAE, authors Big Issues Resulting in Bold Decisions: How boards of high-performing professional societies engage.

The Value of Mentorship
Association Management Center staff member reflects on her time as a Forum Diversity Scholar.


The Five Keys to Innovation

Passion for Compassion


Re-Branding Your Company

When to Outsource

Common Myths of Outsourcing

922 Could Work for You

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