At AMC, we pride ourselves on close collaboration with our association partners and enter every decision with one end goal in mind—success for our clients. We are honored to be part of our clients' many successes, and we are excited to share these accomplishments and initiatives.


2013 Year-End Recap

During 2013, AMC’s clients had many outstanding successes that ranged from the launch of a new certification board, to a wildly successful membership recruitment program, to a virtual event that proved to be an excellent supplement to one of our client’s in-person events. These successes are a testament to the vision and leadership of the Boards, volunteers and members of our client associations, and we appreciate their continued involvement and investment in the success of their associations.

2012 Year-End Recap

It was a busy year for AMC clients and staff. Collectively we accomplished great things! While we can’t share them all, here is just a sampling. Thanks to all—volunteers and staff—who helped see these initiatives through.

2011 Year-End Recap

We are so grateful to be a part of the positive impact you are making in the communities you serve and all of those who benefit from your work. These are just a few examples of the great things that can be accomplished by energetic, passionate, and visionary association partners whose efforts are mirrored every day by motivated volunteers and AMC staff who work to advance the important missions of your organizations and make you all leaders in your fields.

10 Triumphs of 2010

We are honored to be a part of our clients' successes and are grateful to be a part of the positive impact they make on the fields they serve and all of those who benefit from their work. Here are some highlights from 2010

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